Offline Traditional Media and Advertising

Advertising spends have made huge shifts to online over the last few years, accelerated by the pandemic.

Delivering incremental reach and frequency within your target audience across premium, trusted environments is still a critical component of any multi-channel campaign.

Building awareness through traditional media placements drives brand search, which can be captured through Google (and other search engines) using PPC or SEO, as well as social media channels as people begin to research your services.

Integrating your offline campaigns effectively with your online advertising is key to generating increased ROI on your marketing budget.

63% of people use a brand’s website…Before buying in-store

Your website should match your brand’s aspirations and inspire your audience to take action, be that online or in-store. 63% of people use a brand’s website to research their products BEFORE buying in-store. (Source: Google)

Web Development

Tracking The Effectiveness Of Your Advertising

Of course, planning and buying media effectively is one thing. Being able to track and assign a return on investment to your marketing spend is another. At Equestrian Brands our team specialise in Data and Analytics to accurately measure the effectiveness of your investment across your business KPIs, be it increased awareness, revenue (B2C and B2B) or store traffic to name a few. We will give you the tools and insights to make confident commercial decisions when it comes to your advertising.

Technical Expertise. Leaders In Innovation

Our specialists are experienced in digital, web development and software solutions with substantial expertise aligning best-in-class technology with commercial awareness and exceptional delivery. We act as your extended team, seamlessly integrating with your business. Our core services include:

We also have a technology incubator to develop and implement future e-commerce technology for industry 4.0 and digital supply chain transformation. We will exceed your business KPIs using scalable and sustainable technology, and take your business on a journey of practical innovation with clear, measurable results.