Why Use PPC Ads?

Pay per click (PPC) advertising on the major search engines (Google, Bing etc.) is a great way to capture potential customers, whilst they’re entering the purchase cycle. With clear purchase intent signals on keyword searches for example “womens riding leggings” or “waterproof mens gilet” it’s an easy way to get relevant customers directly to your website.

However it’s just as easy for budget to be wasted if your campaigns aren’t configured correctly. With so many variables to target and budget options to explore, it’s important to know what you’re doing.

The beauty of PPC advertising is the ability to be very prescriptive around your targeting and refine campaigns over time so that you maximise your daily budget and performance… plus it’s “easily turn off and on-able” you only pay when someone clicks.

63% of people use a brand’s website…Before buying in-store

Your website should match your brand’s aspirations and inspire your audience to take action, be that online or in-store. 63% of people use a brand’s website to research their products BEFORE buying in-store. (Source: Google)

Creating A Winning PPC Ads Strategy

Account structure and targeting options are critical components for creating a winning PPC Ads strategy. Regular insights and optimisations must take place to mitigate budget wastage. We have a best practice account structure and optimisation schedule to ensure we maximise the results for your budget.

Our team will work through a multi-phase framework to bring your pay per click campaigns to life:

 – Planning and Research
 – Ad account structure and build
 – Ad creative and testing
 – Conversions, reporting and analysis

We take advantage of the latest ad tech to deliver performance time and again for our clients. Head over to our results page to see a selection of our success stories and how we’ve integrated with other channels such as media, programmatic ads, SEO and social.

Technical Expertise. Leaders In Innovation

Our specialists are experienced in digital, web development and software solutions with substantial expertise aligning best-in-class technology with commercial awareness and exceptional delivery. We act as your extended team, seamlessly integrating with your business. Our core services include:

We also have a technology incubator to develop and implement future e-commerce technology for industry 4.0 and digital supply chain transformation. We will exceed your business KPIs using scalable and sustainable technology, and take your business on a journey of practical innovation with clear, measurable results.