What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the use of technology for the automation of digital ad buying (buying advertising space online), whereas traditional methods of digital advertising are, more often than not, bought direct through a publisher/website operator in a manual fashion.

Programmatic advertising utilises data insights and algorithms to serve ads to your potential customers in the right place, on the right website, at the right time. Allowing us to target users on a much more granular level compared to buying fixed place banners on a website, often with more sophisticated creative execution too.

To be able to buy digital ads programmatically your business or agency, must have access to a DSP (Demand Side Platform) … “the buying end” …which can then connect to ad exchanges or direct to publishers who use an SSP (Supply Side Platform)… “the selling end.” 

72% of global digital display ads were bought programmatically in 2021

Outside of the US, the UK leads the way … Programmatic display ad spending will reach £7.90 billion ($10.09 billion) in 2021, up 16.4% from 2020 to account for 93.6% of total display ad spending. Source: eMarketer

programmatic advertising

The Best Environments For The Best Customers

At Equestrian Brands we have direct programmatic access to premium publishers in the market, covering feature websites and brands such as:

  • Horse & Hound
  • Country Life
  • Ideal Home
  • The Field
  • Marie Claire
  • Rugby World
  • Yachting World
  • Woman & Home
  • Shooting Times
  • And many more…

We have the scale to reach millions of people per month, all managed through one centralised platform. Saving you time and money, whilst maximising results.


Technical Expertise. Leaders In Innovation

Our specialists are experienced in digital, web development and software solutions with substantial expertise aligning best-in-class technology with commercial awareness and exceptional delivery. We act as your extended team, seamlessly integrating with your business. Our core services include:

We also have a technology incubator to develop and implement future e-commerce technology for industry 4.0 and digital supply chain transformation. We will exceed your business KPIs using scalable and sustainable technology, and take your business on a journey of practical innovation with clear, measurable results.