Building Your Customer Database

Acquiring high quality, first-party customer data is vital to ensure you retain your customers and generate repeat business. Many companies we speak to have challenges with data collection and activation… lacking a simple view of essential metrics like demographic/socio-economic groupings, lifetime customer values or even basic marketing preferences.

Equestrian Brands has significant experience developing CRM programmes to help acquire, grow and activate your customer records to deliver excellent return on investment. Our clients send over 1,000,000 emails and SMS communications every month. Needless to say we have in-depth knowledge of what REALLY works.

63% of people use a brand’s website…Before buying in-store

Your website should match your brand’s aspirations and inspire your audience to take action, be that online or in-store. 63% of people use a brand’s website to research their products BEFORE buying in-store. (Source: Google)

Web Development

Creating Inspiring Loyalty Programs

Over the years we have developed a robust framework for building successful CRM programs. The framework consists of four stages:

1.) Design
2.) Acquire
3.) Retain
4.) Grow

Design Stage
The start of the process. At this point we scope out who our audience is, what content we will be creating, what promotions or value-adds we wish to give them and how we will cross-sell/up-sell products or services throughout the customer lifecycle.

Acquire Stage
The second step of the process is to acquire new customers to the database to test out engagement, user experience and conversions, always asking “are the customers behaving as expected and if not, why not?”

Retain Stage
Once we’ve acquired new customers to our database, are we keeping them onboard? At this stage we are diving into analytics and data insights to understand, at which point(s), users are dropping off. Poor retention rates are costly for any business.

Grow Stage
Following a period of testing and refinement the final stage is to turn up the volume. At this point we will be comfortable with our cost per acquisition of a customer and their anticipated lifetime value to be able to invest in growing the database rapidly.

To find out more about our CRM programs and how our creative and data teams to help you unlock the value of your customer database, please get in touch.

Technical Expertise. Leaders In Innovation

Our specialists are experienced in digital, web development and software solutions with substantial expertise aligning best-in-class technology with commercial awareness and exceptional delivery. We act as your extended team, seamlessly integrating with your business. Our core services include:

We also have a technology incubator to develop and implement future e-commerce technology for industry 4.0 and digital supply chain transformation. We will exceed your business KPIs using scalable and sustainable technology, and take your business on a journey of practical innovation with clear, measurable results.