Leather Riding Boots

Leather riding boots are a classic option for equestrian pursuits. The material offers maximum flexibility which easily allows riders to assume the natural ‘heels down’ position. Discover our collection of leather riding boots and find something for every type of rider.

There’s a reason why leather riding boots are chosen time and time again by equestrians. Incredibly durable, the material can withstand daily wear, yet can still be effortlessly buffed up come show day. What’s more, it also benefits from being incredibly flexible which allows your foot to feel comfortable and unrestricted when in the stirrup. 

Available in classic shades of black and brown, we have leather riding boots in a wide range of options. For the avid dressage rider, we have long riding boots with sophisticated stylings, country-style boots for the happy hacker and even short riding boots for those wanting a bit more versatility from their footwear. There’s something for everyone in our collection of leather riding boots including options for men, women, and kids too. 

Made by renowned brands, our leather riding boots are made with durability in mind. No matter if you’re looking for a smart pair just for competitions or boots that can be worn every single day, you can be guaranteed quality with each step.